I'm Annie, a recent graduate from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Communication Design and Information Technology with a concentration in Interactive Design.

With this education and experience, I have developed skills in multiple coding languages from C++ and Processing to HTML, CSS, SCSS, Java, and Unity. I gained experience in the Adobe Suite of apps and Microsoft Office apps, and grew a determination and curiosity to learn more and excel in the field of web design and development.

While completing my degree, I have worked for Interlace Communications & GOMAaVA since 2015 in client services. In my time at Interlace Communications, I have been given many tasks from setting up or editing Constant Contact emails and writing blog posts to eventually being trained on Search Engine Optimization and taking care of the maintenance and SEO of dozens of websites. I have been adaptable to the needs of clients and the changes in my role from intern to part-time, and I frequently and actively sought out additional tasks I could complete when I had run out of daily tasks.

I'm passionate about both designing and developing websites and I am looking for a position in PA for web design, web development, and similar roles.